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Behind the scenes of top digital experiences

14:20 25 minutes presentation Stage 6
Rasmus Skjoldan Magnolia International Ltd.

Digital marketers have access to all the tools they need to produce top-notch experiences. But looking behind the scenes of projects, they’re often overwhelmed with getting their tools to play well together. In this session, you’ll learn how to protect software investments through drastically improving interoperability. Magnolia’s leading product manager will inspire you to give up siloed software for good and become a believer in more meaningfully connected martech.

Rasmus Skjoldan

Rasmus Skjoldan

Magnolia International Ltd.

Rasmus heads up product management at Magnolia. He brings a wealth of experience in the areas of digital experience planning, cross-channel content and open design. Rasmus is also a sought-after speaker with a resume including Web Summit, FOSSASIA, UXDX and Inspiring Conference.

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